SÜDHARZER DAMPFLOK STEIG - fabulous enjoyment with steam

The Harz Mountains are known for their forests, meadows and also for the steam locomotive of the Harzer Schmalspurbahnen, which winds its way through northern Germany's highest low mountain range. If you haven't ridden it yet, you're missing out. What better way than to combine this experience with a hike through the southern Harz?

6 things why you should walk the Südharzer Dampflok Steig?

  • As a " Wanderbares Deutschland " quality trail, the Südharzer Dampflok Steig is very well signposted and is regularly checked for defects

  • the steam locomotive of the Harz narrow-gauge railroads as a connecting element offers a great experience for the whole family

  • from Sophienhof to Nordhausen the landscape changes its facets several times, from the Harz forest, over the shallow pre-Harz hilly landscape, into the southern Harz karst landscape

  • numerous views invite you to linger, legendary and historical places tell exciting stories

  • there are 6 stamps of the Harzer Wandernadel to collect

  • in Neustadt, on the so-called Galgenberg, a wooden steam locomotive, which is based on the "real" one, invites you to linger with a view of the castle ruins of Hohnstein.