The Southern Harz Kyffhäuser makes hikers' hearts beat faster! Discover our quality hiking trails, winding paths, enchanted forests and impressive views!

Hiking with quality

Five certified quality hiking trails are waiting to be discovered

On the five certified quality hiking trails you will experience a high diversity of different natural areas. Where the Südharzer Dampflok Steig (South Harz Steam Locomotive Trail) winds its way out of the Harz Mountains into the South Harz Karst Landscape and meets the Karst Hiking Trail, where the Kyffhäuser Trail leads through Germany's smallest low mountain range and where you walk through old beech forests on two quality trails in the Hohe Schrecke, there is a lot to discover.

Wolf on Bike

An Austrian as a guest in the Harz Mountains

We can tell you a lot about the beauty of the region and how easy it is to get around on a motorbike here. But we are also happy to let people who have travelled all the way from Austria to test it out for you speak and write. Have a read ...



Wer nicht auf eigene Faust die Landeshauptstadt erkunden möchte, der schließt sich einer Führung an. Regelmäßig stehen klassische Rund- gänge durchs historische Zentrum auf dem Programm bei denen die Geschichte Erfurts lebendig wird. Mit dem iGuide oder dem VideoGuide kann man die Stadt multimedial entdecken.

Selected, motorbike-friendly accommodations