KARSTWANDERWEG - white gold of the southern Harz mountains

Like a ribbon, the South Harz gypsum karst belt runs through the region from east to west. The karst hiking trail does the same. The quality of the rock here is so unique that it can also be called white gold. In many places along the trail you can see how this rock has shaped the landscape and is still shaping it today. Individual karst phenomena show what nature is capable of.

5 things why you should walk the karst trail

  • as a quality trail Wanderbares Deutschland, the Karst Trail is very well signposted and is regularly checked for deficiencies

  • the gypsum karst rock on which the trail runs is almost unique in its form in Europe

  • the alternation of wide views and dense deciduous forests makes this form of karst landscape something special

  • Numerous karst phenomena such as sinkholes, sinkholes, karst springs and karst shrinks are waiting to be discovered.

  • along the entire route from Saxony-Anhalt, over Thuringia and Lower Saxony there are 9 stamps to become the "Wanderkaiser*in" of the Harzer Wandernadel and to collect many other special stamps

Now you have certainly got the desire to hike the Karst Trail in its entirety or in parts. Of course, this has to be well planned. Since the path coming from the east turns a loop in Bad Grund and then runs back to Thuringia, it can be divided into two variants:

By clicking on the respective variant, you can access the complete courses in the tour portal and plan everything according to your own wishes.

Additional information, for all those who are interested in geology in addition to hiking, is also available at www.karstwanderweg.de

In addition, there are also various circular routes, which are oriented to the Karst Trail, currently 25 in number.